Commercial Software

   Workorders Addon For FusionInvoice

This addon brings the capability of Workorder creation to FusionInvoice.

It integrates directly with the FusionInvoice client functionality, as well as most other FusionInvoice features.

Workorders may be created and populated via an item lookup list containing Resources and Employees.

Job dates and times can be set as well as job summary and "will call" checkbox.

Employee and Resource creation are added as well as a batch print function (with wkhtmltopdf driver).


  • Integrated with FusionInvoice Clients, Invoices, Reports, etc
  • Workorder List, Create, Edit, Workorder To Invoice
  • Employees Table
  • Resources Table
  • Item Lookup list populated from Employees and Resources
  • Job Date, Start time, End Time, Will call
  • Custom templates
  • Batch Print (with wkhtmltopdf driver)
  • Integrates with Scheduler Addon For FusionInvoice 


Available for download at Github