Scheduler Addon for FusionInvoice v2.1.1

Scheduler Addon for FusionInvoice v2.1.1

** FusionInvoice version 2018-7 required **

This addon brings the capability of FullCalendar event creation to FusionInvoice.

If enabled, it integrates directly with the Workorder Addon for FusionInvoice (sold separately) functionality, to create appointments from Workorder Employees and Resources.


  • Dashboard - For quick look at scheduled events, reminders, etc
  • Event calendar
    • month, week, day views
    • create/edit events
    • multiple event reminders
    • display and link FusionInvoice core events (quotes,invoices,payments,etc)
  • Create Event Dialog
  • Recurring Events (based on rrule)
  • Table Event
  • Reports
  • Trash - restore/delete
  • Categories - apply to events, customize colors/category names
  • Workorders Addon For FusionInvoice integration (sold separately)
    • Create Workorder from event calendar with client, employee and resource lookup
    • Launch Workorder from event calendar
    • New or edited approved Workorders saved to an event in calendar
    • Mouseover shows client information, Workorder Summary, Employees and Resources


Validity : Lifetime
  • Created : Apr 03, 2018
  • Category: Software
  • Type : Single
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